Schulman Consulting is a specialized consulting practice focused exclusively on fiscal sponsorship. We are a strategic partner that works with both sponsors and projects on all areas of operations and navigating the sponsorship lifecycle.

Our goals are:
1) to help clients navigate the world of fiscal sponsorship, no matter what their stage of development,
2) to broaden the awareness and understanding of fiscal sponsorship within the nonprofit and funder communities, and
3) to reduce the admin/back-office inefficiencies in the nonprofit sector by educating the community on the benefits of shared services.

About Andrew

As you may have guessed, I’m the Schulman behind Schulman Consulting. I started this practice after working at two fiscally-sponsored projects that I helped lead through the separation process. Through those experiences, I had two major realizations:

  • First, “Wow – I’ve just done something twice that most people will never do once.”
  • And second, that there was a lack of information, resources and support out in the world for both fiscal sponsors and fiscally-sponsored projects.

Following those experiences, I’ve continued to immerse myself in the fiscal sponsorship sector and am constantly learning new use for sponsorship and ways it can be implemented.

Prior to founding Schulman Consulting, I held senior operations roles at a number of early stage and fast-growing nonprofits after more than a decade in for-profit roles focused on operations, marketing, and digital product development.

I’m an active member of the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors and a fellow of the Southern California Leadership Network. I hold an MBA from the University of Southern California and a dual Bachelor’s of Science from Northwestern University in Communication Studies and Psychology and live in Los Angeles with my wife and young daughter.