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After seeing how the Fiscal Sponsor Conversations brings fiscal sponsorship practitioners together and helps them connect with peers, it became clear that the people of our sector (YOU!) could benefit further by having a “place” to have deeper and wider — as well as shallower and narrower — discussions, amongst large groups as well as amongst smaller, more specific groups of people. A true community of practice. We have created that place and it’s called the Fiscal Sponsor Hub.

Like the FS Conversations, the FS Hub is a closed space exclusively for fiscal sponsor staff. The FS Hub has two levels of membership – associate and full. (Good news! If you’ve previously registered for the Fiscal Sponsor Conversations, you have an associate membership waiting for you – just fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Please reach out to us with any questions on how to set that up and access the community.) Any individual that works in the FS sector can register for an associate membership, which includes access to:

  • The new, revamped FSC Archives
  • A new FSC “Post-Session Chat” area to ask questions and post comments after the weekly sessions end
  • An area to suggest topics for future FSC sessions — and vote on suggestions from others
  • Dedicated areas for FS related news and resources from the around web
  • A specific space to facilitate project referrals
  • The ability to connect directly with other members of the community via private messages

If you haven’t yet registered for the Fiscal Sponsor Conversations and would like to register for a free associate-level FS Hub membership click the red button. To register for a full membership, please keep reading.

Register Now for a Free Membership

Full memberships can be purchased at the individual or the organizational level and include all of the above, plus:

  • A main area for Q&A
  • Individual areas for conversation among functional groups (finance/accounting, HR, operations, and more) with the ability to create as many sub-groups as the community needs
  • The ability to create Affinity-, Identity- and Interest-based groups as determined by the members of the community
  • A place to share reviews of specific Vendors/Service Providers and Technology Platforms with your peers, and read those left by others
  • A space for document sharing
  • Additional areas and spaces that will be determined by the community
  • Premium members will also have the ability to participate in topical webinars, professional development opportunities and focused, facilitated working groups, as they are developed — at no additional charge.

The goal of this community is to ultimately be a place for all fiscal sponsor practitioners, so we offer a team membership option as well as an individual premium memberships. The current pricing is as follows:

Number of Memberships
(one per person)
Annual Membership Fee
Discounted Membership Fee*
Next Step
1 person$360$250Click here to share some information
on the people you’d like to register
and we’ll get you setup as soon as possible
2-5 people$350$245
6-10 people$336$235
11-15 people$315$220
16-20 people$286$200
21+ people$250$175

*Please Note: A discount of approximately 30% is available to individuals whose organizations are currently paid members of other major FS sector membership groups.

If you’d like to get the ball rolling on a full membership for you or other members of your team, please complete this short form and we’ll get back to you shortly with all of the details.

Through ongoing feedback and participation from the community, we envision FS Hub will provide a variety of benefits for fiscal sponsor organizations and those working in the sector:

  • A safe place for all practitioners, without limit, to connect with others in the field
  • A place to meet, connect and share with your particular peer group, no matter the type of fiscal sponsor you work for, your specific responsibilities/function within the organization or your level of seniority
  • A place to convene working groups focused on addressing issues that affect organizations across the sector
  • A place to learn via virtual workshops and courses taught by outside experts and expert members of the community
  • The place to access a revamped archives for the Fiscal Sponsor Conversations and continue the conversation after the sessions end
  • A place to find and share curated news, information and resources related to the practice of fiscal sponsorship and the related topics

With enough participation, we believe this community can play a major role in lifting up our sector, making space for important conversations of all shapes and sizes, spurring innovation and raising up the next generation of fiscal sponsorship leaders.

To move forward, here’s what you do:

If you’ve made it this far and have questions, please take a look at our FAQ and see if we’ve answered them yet! If not, please get in touch with us at

Looking forward to seeing you and your fiscal sponsorship team inside the community!

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*Please note: By registering for the Fiscal Sponsor Hub, you are also registering for the Fiscal Sponsor Conversations, a weekly Zoom series exclusively for fiscal sponsor staff. You are consenting to receive weekly emails from Schulman Consulting with information related to each week’s Zoom session, as well as infrequent emails from us with information pertinent to fiscal sponsor organizations. More information on the FS Conversations can be found here. We hate spam, too, and will never sell your email address.