Finally, there’s a way to help you take control of your fiscal sponsorship program

Becoming a fiscal sponsor is easy — you offer to help out a friend or assist a local startup organization. Or maybe fiscal sponsorship is part of your mission — or your entire mission.

But “doing” fiscal sponsorship well is the hard part — it can feel a little bit like flying blind.

You know your program could be running (much?) more efficiently and less of a burden on your team. Maybe you’ve come up with some new things to try but are having trouble getting around to implementing them. Or maybe you’ve even attended our weekly fiscal sponsors forum and talked to other organizations about how they operated. But for whatever reason, “Fix Fiscal Sponsorship Program” sits in the back of your mind or as one of the insurmountable tasks on your To Do list.

And it’s not something you can really put off: If you’re not doing it right, fiscal sponsorship can be a time suck, end up costing your organization money, hurt your status in the community and even put your 501(c)(3) status at risk. And while you may have heard about the “six ways to do it right,” you’ve now realized there are many more ways to do it wrong.

We can help.

Our Review and Refresh service will systematically review your existing Program, show you where the issues are, provide you with a blueprint to turn around your Program AND the knowledge run it successfully.

What would it be worth to you to know that your fiscal sponsorship program:

  • is totally in compliance and your risk was managed?
  • runs without straining your staff or operating budget?
  • is a source of pride and positive energy for your organization and community?

What would it mean to your community and your organization if you could do fiscal sponsorship “the right way” to help launch and grow new nonprofits tackling meaningful issues in your community or sector?

Well, that is exactly what we do — take you through a five-stage process to plot your path to success, review your program’s financialsrisk, and operations to provide you and your team with the materials and training to get your Program running smoothly.

While the goals and operations of each fiscal sponsor vary widely, with this service, our aim is to provide/bring:

  • Clarity on your goals so you know exactly what to expect from your program.
  • An understanding of what it costs to run your program and ways to plan for the future.
  • An assessment of your risk, so you can make any adjustments you need to, and ultimately sleep at night knowing your program is compliant and protected.
  • Documentation of your core processes so your team can all be on the same page and you can serve your Projects efficiently.

Fiscal sponsorship is a noble endeavor — but that doesn’t mean it can’t hurt your organization. Wouldn’t you like to make sure your program is running the way it should and that your organization is doing things the right way?

  • The fee for the Review & Refresh Program is usually between $9,000-$12,000, but varies depending on your specific needs and program. Please book a time to discuss.
  • Length of Engagement: We can usually get the introductory call scheduled within two weeks or so, and if we move forward, the Program usually takes about 3-4 months to complete. After the training, we’ll be available via phone and email for 60 days to provide immediate support. (Additional, ongoing support can also be included for an additional fee.)

Because of the size and nature of these engagements, we only take on one per quarter. If you’re interested, please email or book an introductory call now (by clicking the button below) to see when we could get started.

Have a question about this service? Please see the FAQ below or email us at


What is the Program Review & Refresh?

  • The Program Review & Refresh is a consulting engagement to help leaders of fiscal sponsorship programs improve their Program’s operations. No matter what stage you are at, Schulman Consulting can show you how to get your program to financial sustainability, compliance, and operational efficiency.

Who is the Program Refresh & Review for?

  • The Program Refresh & Review is for nonprofits that offer fiscal sponsorship and are looking to take improve their program.

How does this work?

  • Once you schedule your introductory call we’ll get on the phone for 20 minutes to talk through your current situation. After that call, we’ll set a start date after which I’ll work with you to do a thorough review of your fiscal sponsorship program and determine where the issues are — and how we can fix them. We’ll discuss these findings and recommendations and I’ll assemble the relevant materials and resources. I’ll then conduct a fiscal sponsorship training for your team and will be available via email following the training session for additional questions.

How come I’ve never seen anything like this before?

  • Good question. Today, more than ever before, there are more options for startup nonprofits — and offering fiscal sponsorship is being seen by more and more nonprofits as a way to help those in their communities successfully start new projects. There are a number of legal and accounting guides to help organizations create and manage a fiscal sponsorship program, but the time is right for a specialized service focused on the operational aspects of running a fiscal sponsor.

How much does the Program Review & Refresh service cost?

  • It depends on a number of factors, so the cost can vary a bit, but it usually runs in the $9,000-$12,000 range. By moving forward with your project, you and we both agree to our terms of service.

What are the payment terms for the Program Review & Refresh?

  • Payments are usually made in two equal installments — one before the work gets started and one after the initial recommendations are provided.

What if I’m not happy with the results?

  • Our goal is to provide you the tools, information and peace of mind to understand what it takes to run a successful fiscal sponsorship program — and actually do it. Our success is based on your success. If we start a project and determine that we can’t provide you with actionable recommendations, we will refund your money. If we get to the end of the project and you’re not satisfied with the results, we will make best efforts, to provide you with the information and resources that meet your needs.

You haven’t answered my question yet – how can I reach you?

Ok, I’m ready to get started – what’s next?