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Join us for the only weekly conversation focused on the needs, challenges and goals of fiscal sponsors. We call it the Fiscal Sponsor Conversations.

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We have two humble goals for each session:

  1. To facilitate connections among those who practice this wacky thing called fiscal sponsorship
  2. To provide our attendees with useful information to help them do this work better at the personal level, the practice level and/or the organizational level

Each session is focused on a specific topic and features some combination of large group discussion, small group breakouts and/or expert guest speakers. (See below for a list of selected topics we’ve covered.) These sessions are free and open to all practitioners (and only practitioners) of fiscal sponsorship (i.e. those who work for organizations providing fiscal sponsorship) no matter who you serve, how you serve them or where you serve them! If this feels like the group for you, please register and bring your thoughts, plans, questions and answers related to how your organization manages any/all aspects of its operations through this time of uncertainty. (If you’re not a practitioner of fiscal sponsorship but are interested in this group, please click here to reach out.)

The Fiscal Sponsor Conversations meets on most Tuesdays at 10am PT/11am MT/noon CT/1pm ET. Your hosts/moderators are:

  • Oliver Hack, Director of Fiscal Sponsorship, Social Good Fund
  • Andrew Schulman, Principal, Schulman Consulting and Founder of the Fiscal Sponsor Hub

Some of our previous topics include:

  • Approaches to recouping administrative costs
  • The history of fiscal sponsorship
  • Insurance for fiscal sponsors
  • Project vetting and approval
  • Handling challenging conversations
  • Staff burnout and retention
  • Advocacy and lobbying
  • Deep dive into fiscal sponsorship contracts
  • Assessing impact of your program
  • Issues and questions around Model C sponsorship
  • Oversight and controls
  • Government grants
  • Employee classification and risk
  • Overall risk management
  • Recruiting and retaining great employees
  • Accepting non-traditional gifts
  • Cybersecurity for fiscal sponsors
  • State registrations for fiscal sponsors
  • Authentic staff appreciation
  • Leadership transitions
  • Anti-racism in fiscal sponsorship
  • International grantmaking
  • Paying individuals/grant making to individuals

Upon registering, you’ll also gain access to our archive of audio recordings, transcripts and other info from our 180+ sessions to date.

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